On Wednesday, the Mayor and the City of Sioux Falls released their “Top 10 Wins”.

Although most media outlets are only posting the top 10, we have chosen to release the wins that did not make the top 10.

11. Papier Mâché siding on T. Denny Sanford Premier Center held up despite what the Argus says.
12. Record number of times public opinion at City Council meetings was cut off from speaking.
13. Awarded lucrative business contracts to businesses that have only been in operation for 3 days.
14. Paid to have fresh blanket of asbestos added to downtown.
15. Switched golf contact after decades of local business keeping greens. Brought in business from out of state.
16. Record number of donations taken from T. Denny Sanford.
17. Most transparent administration ever.
18. Worked on road construction and stuff.
19. Most credit taken for local business successes.
20. Record amount of tears shed at press conferences by a South Dakota politician.

Sioux Falls owes this man a lot for how far he’s brought our great city.

Thank you for everything Mike “Transparent AF” Huether! We wish you the best!

The Sioux Falls Headliner
Adam K. White