A letter sent to media outlets this morning revealed the latest purchase of Billion Automotive.

The location in south Sioux Falls was not up for sale yet, but did not stop Billion from purchasing it anyway.

“We are very excited about our latest expansion opportunity,” said one Billion representative.

Records show the building was originally built by Billion, and was still in business when purchased by its original builder/owner.

“How great is it that we have a local company expanding? That’s just the Sioux Falls way, if you ask me!” said an excited Mayor Mike Huether.

Billion has expanded to multiple locations in Sioux Falls as of late, and is sure to buy up more land and locations in the surrounding area.

“We’ve got really big plans for the future. How is your car doing right now?” asked another Billion representative I spoke with.

Billion also tried to sell me a car while writing this story.

The Sioux Falls Headliner
Adam K. White