Jealous, afraid, and angry that someone else is outdoing them, state government has become a typical ex-lover that is taking its frustrations out on Sioux Falls.

Earlier this year, the state drew up legislation that was aimed directly at ending the ever growing corruption spewing from downtown Sioux Falls.

“We’ve been getting calls from Sioux Falls that city government has become toxic and we’re looking into it. They can’t outdo us in Pierre,” said one state official.

“We’re very interested in how Sioux Falls keeps getting away with all the corruption. We would love to speak to them about some things going on there,” said another state official.

The city has remained strong in recent days, though.

“In Sioux Falls, we have a certain standard we hold ourselves to. Public opinion, politeness, and transparency are the foundations of local Sioux Falls government,” said Mayor Mike Huether.

State government has sent spies to Sioux Falls to gather more information on how local government does their shady practices, but they have come up short in infiltrating any secrets hidden in Sioux Falls.

Restraining orders have also been filed for by both parties.

The Sioux Falls Headliner
Adam K. White