In an effort to receive more accurate information about upcoming weather events, some Sioux Falls citizens have turned to Ouija boards for their 7 day forecast.

This past weekend, Sioux Falls received snow that was not in the forecast, and many citizens were upset it was not forecasted by local meteorologists.

“I contacted my uncle in the afterlife via Ouija and he said we would receive an unknown amount. So he was pretty close,” said one Ouija forecaster.

Local meteorologists have come under fire for miscalculated snow forecasts as of late.

“Sometimes events just don’t turn out the way we hope,” said one local meteorologist.

“I think it’s just another great way for local Sioux Falls citizens to take matters into their own hands. That’s what we are all about here,” said Mayor Mike Huether.

Ouija boards are sold out at many local shops.

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