A family of deer was arrested late Monday night after authorities discovered the family was playing a game of “Red Rover” across Southeastern Avenue in southeastern Sioux Falls.

It’s unsure the motive, but authorities do warn of these kinds of games currently going on in the city.

“We were, uh, sure that the, um, deer… were going to stop. Looks like, uh, that was not the, uhh, case,” said Sam Clemens of the Sioux Falls Police Department.

Deer are reminded to cross streets only where crosswalks are available and to not stop in the middle of the street when oncoming traffic is moving at fast speeds.

“Actually I’m not a little bitch, so I cross when and where I want,” said one anonymous deer we spoke with.

Car damage from deer collisions is at an all-time low, but authorities remind drivers to remain vigilant when behind the wheel.

“It’s a great day when we have no calls for deer collision. I would prefer to hunt them by gun, not car,” said one Sioux Falls Police Officer we spoke with.

It is unclear which family member of the deer family won the game of “Red Rover”.

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Adam K. White