The Great Plains Zoo has arrested a satirical blogger for his improper depiction of the official Sioux Falls seal.

The Great Plains Zoo has a very low volume of authorities on staff in the winter months, but it did not stop them from enforcing their will on a small time satire blogger making fun of their prized seal.

“Using the official seal in a funny picture online really hurts the image of Sioux Falls. We take these things very seriously. Sioux Falls will not be made fun of on the internet.” said Mayor Mike Huether.

The picture in question shows the official Sioux Falls seal making a funny face at school children who were in attendance as part of a school field trip to learn more about aquatic life.

When the seal was uploaded to the internet, zoo authorities were quick to track the blogger and have him arrested.

“We had extreme trouble finding him, but we finally got the son of a bitch.” said an anonymous zoo official.

The blogger signs his full name at the bottom of every article posted on his website.

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