A local Sioux Falls donut shop has come under heavy fire after creating the most grotesque donut creation this area of the country has ever seen.

The anchovy, bacon, carrot, and mustard filled donut came to life yesterday, and a local exorcist had to be summoned to finally put the donut down after many hours of trying to kill it.

“We’re trying our best to create the most delicious donuts possible. We did not succeed this time.” said one donut shop employee.

This is not the first time a donut creation has needed to be exorcised, though. We cannot forget the 2012 disaster that had many in the area shunning away new donut shops. The sushi, rocky mountain oyster, and mayonnaise filled donut.

“We always welcome new and innovative creations in this very proud city. I was a huge fan of the donut that was exorcised.” said Mayor Mike Huether.

The donut shop has promised to never create another donut flavor.

The Sioux Falls Headliner
Adam K. White