“Spectacular Sunday” are the words used to describe January 14th, and with the Vikings’ impossible playoff win, come the increase of births in the Sioux Falls area.

The population has steadily been decreasing in the area, so most Sioux Falls doctors are very excited that the Vikings finally won a big game.

“We’ve been worried for some time that the Sioux Falls population might reach record lows if they would continue to lose year after year. It’s a pleasant surprise!” said one area doctor.

Although, with the Vikings just one win away from playing the first home Super Bowl ever, area doctors worry a home Super Bowl win would over populate the area.

“We hope they win, but we’re not sure our current facilities would be able to handle that influx of Viking babies. We’re not too worried about it, though. We’ve never won the big one.” said another doctor.

The Vikings play in Philadelphia on January 21st and with a win in Philly, will play the first home Super Bowl ever.

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Adam K. White