With New Year’s come and gone, the local area gyms have been doing some heavy lifting these past days.

The ultimate procrastinator’s nightmare of January 1st finally arriving has many back to the gym and record weights being recorded.

Multi-floor gyms in the area have tightened bolts, and put additional supports up for the influx of weight they will be holding this first month of 2018.

“We’re definitely feeling the pressure of 2018.” said one gym employee we spoke with.

“I usually can’t make it to the second floor, but this year is different. There were no machines on the first floor, so I took the elevator.” said a gym newcomer.

Some gyms even offer incentives for newcomers to keep attending. Some gyms offer pizza or cupcakes to attract January newcomers, others offer prize packages.

Studies show 95% of people sign up for gym memberships when January 1st comes along, but only a small portion follow up past the first week.

The Sioux Falls Headliner
Adam K.White