With city council at civil war, a nice newcomer has shown through the fire and the flames.

Popcorn sales across Sioux Falls have risen 10000% since city council first awarded a multimillion dollar contract to people who cannot pay $20,000 in fines.

Many citizens across the Sioux Empire have been glued to their screens in the past weeks, all hoping to get to the bottom of the new private/public construction plans.

Viewers seem to be most intrigued with how Mayor Mike Huether interacts with the public.

“We just want transparency, Mr. Mayor.” said one citizens who spoke before the council.

“I agree with that statement, but we weren’t born yesterday.” replied the Mayor.

“But the companies you do business with were!” shouted an audience member.
Popcorn sales soared 20% after that comment alone.

Many stores in the region have been sold out of popcorn and are scrambling to stock shelves before the next meeting.

Luckily, with the mass amounts of hot air that comes from city council, many citizens aren’t even paying the electricity that would be needed to heat their popcorn.

Hot air exchanges from the meetings have been set up all over the city for free.

The Sioux Falls Headliner
Adam K. White