Be careful, it’s cold out there!

Sioux Falls will be reaching new record low temperatures of at least -200F within the next 24 hours.

Forecasters believe there is about a 60% chance this cold air is coming from the arctic, but are 50% unsure about it.

The Sioux Falls metro area is also supposed to receive snow totals of between 1″ and 36″ by the end of the night, with a 50% chance of that being correct.

With temperatures getting so cold, experts remind citizens to never leave the house unless you absolutely must have some McDonald’s or Burger King, in extreme cases.

Experts believe there is about a 90% chance these cold temperatures will stay around for most of the weekend.

Please remember that pets cannot withstand such cold temperatures, but would most likely want to freeze to death rather than wear that ugly sweater you bought them for Christmas.

The Sioux Falls Headliner
Adam K. White