An announcement from early this morning is claiming that Sioux Falls has a brand new club forming and it is taking the city by storm.

The Sioux Falls Bad Driver Club meets for the first time today in downtown Sioux Falls, hoping to unite bad drivers from all over the area.

The club will be out and about this morning in the snow trying to recruit new members, and some Sioux Falls citizens are very excited to greet them.

“I always knew there was a club for everyone in this town. I finally found mine.” said Terri-Bell Driver from Sioux Falls.

Other drivers were not as excited as Terri. Some say this new club enables drivers on the road to be proud of being a bad driver.

“This city doesn’t need any more of their kind here. They ain’t welcome!” said one citizen we interviewed.

Mayor Mike Huether is rumored to be one of the first members of the club, which explains the initial resistance to UBER and LYFT coming to the city in years past.

The Sioux Falls Headliner
Adam K. White