Controversial billboards continue to pop up around the Sioux Falls metro area and they’re working very well to change the views of many citizens.

Reading billboards is a way of education for many, and a reminder for some. It’s about the way it’s portrayed, colored, and how big the font size is. Something about these billboards mesmerizes the drivers of this great city.

“I just can’t believe that 9/11 was aliens. It’s true though! I saw it on the billboard on 12th Street!” said one Sioux Falls citizen.

“I’m not just another sheeple that believes all they read on the internet. I actually do research, and these billboards are just fantastically well written. Whoever writes them is very knowledgeable about the subjects they’re trying to teach the citizens of Sioux Falls.” said another citizen.

Sioux Falls citizens are hoping to see more of these magnificent billboards popping up around the city, so that others may also share their new found knowledge.

The Sioux Falls Headliner reached out to Mayor Mike Huether, but was unavailable to comment.

The Sioux Falls Headliner
Adam K. White