It was decided that last night the city golf contract would be changing from Dakota Golf to Aron Hultgreen Management Services from Augusta, Maine.

Hultgreen Management will be taking over services at three excellent municipal golf courses in Sioux Falls. Those include: Elmwood, Prairie Green, and Kuehn golf courses.

With this 5-3 vote on the council, officials guaranteed Dakota Golf that they will have until the end of the year to try everything possible to get this contract back, but council will be in recess until January 2nd, so it seems very unlikely Dakota Golf will receive another chance.

“With a name like Aron Hultgreen, you just know the services are going to be fantastic, and we’re very proud to be partners.” said Mayor Mike Huether.

Citizens had many concerns about outsourcing local needs and projects to outside the city, and even state. Those concerns were met head on by city officials that heard the many concerns, but decided to move ahead with the project after Dakota Golf’s two decades of partnership.

The Sioux Falls Headliner
Adam K. White