Businesses are clawing at the opportunity to be included in the first annual Seefood Race. Planners are looking for food and alcohol providers for the race set for next summer.

The race is $25 and will only be available for people age 21+, as it involves alcohol, but planners invite all ages to come and watch. They also suggest that event goers wear protective gear while attending the race.

Planners say racers will start early in the morning and will sprint from table to table 5 times to eat the plate of food and drink the alcohol as quickly as possible.

“It’s going to be a great event for everyone. We’re planning on having a ton of fun and it will really mirror the kind of local food and alcohol we have in the Sioux Falls area.” said one of the Seefood Race planners.

The idea behind the race was to find the “iron stomach” of Sioux Falls.

Desserts will also be given out for free after the race has been completed by all racers.

Additional volunteers will be needed to clean up sprint areas after the race.

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Adam K. White