Sioux Falls city council announced today that Aaron Hultgren will receive the keys to the city after leaking asbestos was spread over the city and illegally dumped in a Sioux Falls waste yard. The city says it is very aware about the situation and continues to praise Mr. Hultgren.

“We’re very proud of the progress Sioux Falls has made under Aaron, and we will continue to vote YES on Hultgren projects in order to move this city forward!” Mayor Mike Huether commented.

The ceremony will be held when the city forks over $20 million for the new Village by the River project that Mr. Hultgren has guaranteed this building will never fall down.

Hultgren has also been seen with Chuck Brennan as of late and is said to be guaranteeing $30 million to the new project via Dollar Loan Center loans made by Brennan in Nevada.

“Hulty and I go back a long way! He’s a very good friend of mine, and I trust him completely to pay this $30 million back by the end of the week.” Chuck Brennan said via telephone interview.

Hultgren Construction has been cited multiple times for violations related to the Copper Lounge disaster, and has been said to not pay the citations because he doesn’t have enough money.

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Adam K. White