In an odd reversal, Spirit Halloween is being kicked out of local Sioux Falls locations in favor of more car wash options.

“We’re expanding like crazy, and no location is off limits. We see what locations Spirit Halloween rented out, and chose those because they’re cheap rent, large enough for cars to drive through, and Sioux Falls needs more car wash options in those areas. It’s a huge move that we’re proud of, and we can’t wait for those spooky stores to move out!” said one Silverstar representative we spoke with.

Expansion by Silverstar Car Wash might not be on the top of citizen lists, but it looks like they’re going to have their car washed whether they like it or not.

“A couple of days ago, I caught a Silverstar employee washing my car inside my garage. I was a little creeped out, but I hadn’t washed it in a couple of weeks, so I let her finish the job. A couple of days later, I received a bill from Silverstar for the car wash I allowed the employee to finish! Like, what the hell?! That’s just bad business!” said one angry citizen we spoke with.

Sioux Falls is on pace to have over 50 Silverstar locations by next year.

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