Whether you’re a supporter, a protester, or someone who is just showing up to see a race, you’re going to be counted as an “attendee” at Huset’s Speedway’s next race.

“Race is what we’re all about here at Huset’s. What better way to pump up attendance than to put on a ‘Confederate Night’ here at the speedway? We believe it’s going to be a sellout crowd and a night full of dirt, speed, and winning big bucks by the most skilled drivers from all over the world! You’re not going to want to miss this night, we promise you that!” said the Huset’s Speedway statement released earlier today.

Local authorities have been mute on the situation, as many recent Huset’s races have not gone through, but they’re watching this one closely.

“We believe it’s in every private business owner’s right to host whatever kind of night they want, but with hosting this kind of event, you really have to watch closely. We can’t just be bought and told to think a certain way, like Sioux Falls’ City Council. We strive to be better than those big city folk, so we’re taking extreme caution on how we approach this,” said an anonymous Brandon City Councilor on their way to make a deposit at a local bank.

As you guessed, many from Sioux Falls will make the journey to Huset’s when the ‘Confederate Night’ happens, but not all are attending for the reasons you may think.

“Honestly, I’m just here to grab a hot dog and see funny protest signs. Protesters have some of the funniest signs out there, so it’s always a treat to see some of them out and about. Plus, I get to be around people, which is something I haven’t done for a couple months now with the whole COVID thing! It’s a win-win for everyone! Huset’s gets their amateur attendee numbers pumped up, protesters get to do their thing with the Confederate flag, and race fans get to see a race finally happen at a legendary racetrack again!” said Seth B. from Sioux Falls.

Stay safe, y’all!

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Adam K. White