It’s no secret Sioux Falls’ homeless population has shot up quicker than the people in those “On Meth” commercials, and now those homeless people, fresh off the bus from big cities, are speaking up about the situation at hand: winter.

“When I was given this bus ticket from the Florida government to start a new homeless life in Sioux Falls, I never expected a winter like this! It is absolutely ridiculous here, and no one has even done anything for me yet. I was out near a freeway exit on the east side of town all day yesterday, and didn’t even receive any kind of gloves from the city! It’s bullshit!” said one homeless person we spoke to from Miami.

Not all of the newly bussed homeless are complaining though.

“I came in from San Antonio yesterday and think it’s really nice here. I think I could really do some damage over that downtown area. They got a whole set up going where I can stand in the middle of 10th street with my shopping cart and make cars stop for me. I can also pick up a hot meal at McDonald’s and bathroom breaks behind the Handy Man store! Luckily, when San Antonio paid for my ticket to come up here, they included a clothing allowance, so the cold really hasn’t gotten to me yet,” said a homeless man we spoke to from San Antonio.

Citizens of the city are torn on what should be done about the recent influx of homeless people being bussed in.

“Pay for them to keep going north to Fargo!” read one tweet.

“We need to accept all homeless citizens of this country to our lovely city. Just nowhere near my home or children please!” read one Facebook post.

“I’m pretty sure the homeless people in this city have better cars than I do! WTF?!” read one tweet.

“I think the homeless people getting off the bus from Florida are more well fed than the kids in the Sioux Falls School District. Yikes!” read one Facebook post.

Sioux Falls City Council could not be reached for comment at this time.

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