Months ago, Huset’s Speedway was to be torn down by owner Chuck Brennan in favor of a wildlife refuge. That isn’t happening anymore, and local animals aren’t too happy.

“This was promised to us from the beginning! If the sale didn’t go through, this loud ass race track was going to be torn down for a huge wildlife refuge where we could chill in peace. No hunters, no loud cars, and no people bothering us! I’m very unhappy that none of this is happening,” said one deer we spoke with.

Wildlife from the area are still holding out hope that “THE” race winner will completely tear the track down and make it into a refuge.

“Me and some of my buddies are thinking about buying into the race. But $200,000 is a huge non-refundable deposit. That is a huge gamble, which probably explains why there is only 1 entrant as of right now. Even people buy in, why wouldn’t they take the millions of dollars rather than an out of date racetrack?” said one driver mildly interested in the trace.

The math on this whole race is something to be skeptical about, as well.

“So the racetrack is listed at nine million dollars or something close, but racers get to choose a three million dollar price or to take control of the nine million dollar track. Now, I am a mathematician here and this doesn’t make any sense to me. Why wouldn’t you just sell the track to someone who actually wants it for the three million dollars? A racer isn’t going to want a racetrack in South Dakota,” said one mathematician we spoke with.

Still, just 1 entrant is listed on the official Huset’s website.

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Adam K. White