Sioux Falls City Council is ready to initiate project “Rid Sioux Falls Of Brown Signs.”

“It’s really a win-win for everyone here. We tax panhandlers into oblivion, get rid of those ugly brown signs, and the city receives tax money to mishandle on parking garages! It’s a great plan we expect to hit later this summer when panhandlers get really bad on off-ramps and around our local Walmarts,” said one anonymous city council member we spoke with.

The “panhandler sign tax” will be set around the 50% which will grant Sioux Falls a good passive income.

“We figured no one likes taxes, so if they stay, we get tax money generation and if they leave, well that’s great too! Those brown signs can really mess up the green look of Sioux Falls in the summer and we believe this plan can do some really good things for the city,” said the anonymous councilor.

While some panhandlers have not heard about the proposed tax yet, other who have are very worried that they will have to move cities to keep afloat.

“This 50% proposed tax is actually extremely debilitating for me. I make about $25,000 a year doing this in Sioux Falls and now they are going to be taking half of it away like I’m some sort of animal who didn’t work for his meal ticket. It’s absolutely ludicrous to do to us homeless who really need this money,” said one panhandler we spoke with on the side of an off-ramp.

Some panhandlers claim to make more than $100 dollars a day on the high end, which would put them well above South Dakota’s set minimum wage.

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Adam K. White