A local man was arrested early Wednesday morning at Walmart after walking around the parking lot yelling cold weather puns at shoppers.

“He told me he was going to change the ‘STOP’ sign to say ‘FREEZE’. He was dressed up in some clear plastic that looked hand painted baby blue to really get the whole ice look down. He was also trying to talk like Arnold did in the Batman movie. I thought it was pretty funny,” said one shopper we spoke with.

Not everyone thought the man’s puns were funny, though.

“The man told me I needed to ‘cool it’ on the make-up I was wearing. I took serious offense to that! Who says that to a person? I’m really thinking about suing him!” said one woman we spoke with who was actually wearing too much make up.

Authorities were called after a few citizens were concerned in the man’s well-being and mental state.

“When we showed up to arrest him, he told my officers they needed to ‘chill’. They thought it was pretty funny, but we still brought him in for questioning,” said one Sioux Falls Police Department representative we spoke with.

The man was released after making more cold weather jokes on the way to department.

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Adam K. White