Citizens are upping the ante and adding on an additional -10 degrees to the upcoming polar vortex’s low temperature forecasts.

“It’s a power move that we really like to turn to when there is no hope left. It reverses everything and gives us a little glimmer that we’re super tough here in the Midwest. When it’s forecasted to be 20-30 mile an hour
winds, we up it to 40-50! When it’s forecasted for 5 inches, we say 6-10
inches. That’s how we’ve always done things!” said one local citizen we
spoke with.

The approaching polar air has already shut down many schools and even some businesses in the area.

“It’s going to be like -80 degrees out there when you factor in the wind
and all that good stuff that regular people don’t know about. I’ve been
wrong about most of the winter storms so far, but this is definitely a cold event heading our way. It’s definitely going to be -90 degrees when all said and done,” said one meteorologist we spoke with.

Many citizens were ready to cancel the week ahead yesterday when the polar vortex was plastered all over local media stations, and Facebook.

“I was just ready to stay home all week when I heard it was going to be
that cold. First I heard -20, then -30, then on Facebook I saw -40. Anywhere past -10 is just cold, why even bother forecasting below that?”
asked another citizen who hasn’t left their house since Sunday.

There is going to be a lot of glass cutting nipples in Sioux Falls over the
next 24 hours.

The Sioux Falls Headliner
Adam K. White