Tuesday night, Sioux Falls City Councilors declared that driving behind an Iowan is technically a form of torture and local drivers could claim damages sooner rather than later.

“I got behind an Iowan the other day who used his blinker in the wrong
direction every time he turned. How do you do that? Did he think the
blinker indicated which way the back end would be pointing after the turn
or what? I’m so confused,” said one local driver we spoke with.

This is not the first-time city council has targeted Iowan drivers, though.

“As we see more and more awful drivers in our great city, we need to really focus on how we can protect ourselves and others in the area from these things. Last year we stopped an Iowan caravan at the Sioux Falls city
limits and denied them their own driving lane. We believe that it’s a form of torture our citizens can claim damages for,” said one anonymous city councilor we spoke with.

Many citizens have begun calling their representatives to claim damages done against them from the past, but city councilors say the claims would only be good starting 1/23/2019.

“We tried to reach a consensus about looking into past damages but could only agree upon the date set of 1/23/2019 moving forward. We believe it is still a great thing for our citizens,” said the city councilor.

Citizens continue to wait patiently for Iowans to figure out the basics of driving.

The Sioux Falls Headliner
Adam K. White