Police detained an unruly citizen overnight at the east-side Walmart who had mentioned he was there getting ‘snow clothes’.

“His bail is set at $100,000 cash, and we believe he won’t be on the streets any time soon. Citizens can rest easy that this madman is behind bars and will be for a long time,” said one Sioux Falls Police Department representative.

The incident is said to have unraveled near 2 a.m., when the citizen came into the store ranting about how he is ready for the change in weather. It was at that point employees kept a close eye on him.

“He just kept going on about the change in weather, and how he was there to get snow clothes. It made my skin crawl. We get some weirdos in here, but never someone like this man. He was not right, and you could tell,” said one anonymous Walmart employee we spoke with.

Police did not give the man’s details, but would comment that he is being evaluated at a local mental hospital.

“We are calling him ‘the snow-man’. We definitely employ a lot of dads here in Sioux Falls, but anyway, the snow-man is being evaluated at one of the top regional mental hospitals. Hopefully we can rehabilitate this man and get him back into public life,” said the SFPD representative.

Let’s all hope this maniac gets his head on straight before he is released.

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Adam K. White