Tuesday night, Sioux Falls City Council approved a local landmark business idea that has stemmed from a growing trend in the country.

“We’re the first to have an arena fight club that features ax throwing and drunk people! It’s going to be a great time. What’s better than a bunch of
drunks throwing axes at each other?!” said the arena fight club business owner.

Ax throwing continues to be a growing trend around the United States and it’s no secret that it would eventually make its way to the Sioux Falls area.

“We’ve added that little twist to the ax throwing, though. Not everywhere
serves alcohol AND allows ax throwing. We’re just very lucky to not have a movie theater nearby, or else we wouldn’t have gotten the approval,” said the arena owner.

Citizens in the area seem to be very excited about the new opportunity to
play Fortnite, but in real life.

“So in Fortnite, you need epic weapons to kill people. Here you just need a beer and an axe! It’s going to be such great fun to throw at my friends.

We’ll probably even do the whole ‘apple on the head’ trick!” said one excited local citizen.

You will need to be 21 years of age to enter the facility. The Sioux Falls
Police Department will be sending undercover children to keep tabs on the business right away.

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Adam K. White