For $50.00 a month, Flyboy Donuts will start coming to your house at 4 a.m. to deliver you a fresh dozen and some citizens couldn’t be more excited.

“Well, they’re already everywhere, forcing me to eat their donuts. Might as well wake up with a fresh dozen in my kitchen so I can eat in my underwear,” said one citizen we spoke with.

Subscription services are at their peak, and Flyboy seems to be forcing their way into the trend.

“What better subscription than fresh donuts in your kitchen before you wake up? The milkmen used to do it, why not donuts? We are very excited to start. We’re expanding like crazy and this is going to be big,” said a
Flyboy representative we spoke with.

Many citizens still aren’t so sold on the idea, though.

“I can see letting the mailman in, because I absolutely NEED my Amazon orders. But, donuts? I’m not completely sold on letting them in too. Maybe they could partner together! Flyboy is partnering with everyone, anyway!” said one concerned citizen.

Flyboy Donuts have also vowed not to make any kind of grotesque creatures
to sneak into your morning fresh dozen, but who knows nowadays.

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Adam K. White