So, like, today we’re doing a story on a connection between, like, an Aberdeen sock and the Kardashians.

“Obviously I was very attached to Rob, but I knew all the other family members too. Very nice family, as you probably read in my book,” said the sock living in Aberdeen.

It comes as, like, no surprise that a sock is living in Aberdeen, but also it is no surprise that we’re using our resources to interview about a Kardashian in local news.

“We are at the height of journalism here in South Dakota to be getting an interview with a Kardashian sock. The other media outlets are probably pretty jealous they didn’t land this interview,” said a representative from The Sioux Falls Headliner.

Though, not all visitors to the site are, like, impressed by this legendary interview that took place.

“Uhhh. Who cares about the Kardashian family? They have nothing to do with local news,” said one totally jealous reader.

The sock living in Aberdeen, like, recently released a tell-all book about the Kardashians and paid us to write this story. Omg the book is so good.

The Sioux Falls Headliner
Adam K. White