Contestants from all over the United States come to Sioux Falls every year for the annual “Deer Staring Contest” and this year a local Sioux Falls deer has taken home first prize!

“We couldn’t be more proud of our deer here in the city. It’s really a blessing in disguise to have deer that can win starting contests with the best of them,” said Mayor Paul TenHaken.

The deer has been regularly seen in the Sioux Falls area and has often been known to stand so still, people believe him to be a mannequin.

“I actually saw him the other day and totally thought he was a mannequin! There’s no way something that bug should be able to stand still for so long! It’s kind of creepy, to be honest!” said one man we spoke with.

Citizens planned a parade to honor the deer, but were disappointed to see he never showed up.

“The parade might have been a bad idea in hindsight. Either that, or he stood so completely still, no one knew he was there,” said the parade organizer.

The deer will look to defend his title never year.

The Sioux Falls Headliner
Adam K. White