An angry mob of walkers are demanding walking lanes on Sioux Falls roads, similar to what bikers have gotten in recent years.

“How is it fair that bicycles get their own lanes, but walkers do not? It’s just unfair to the normal walking citizens,” said the leader of the Walk It Out Sioux Falls movement.

The movement is demanding that roads have side areas that citizens can walk on and do not have to pay taxes for.

“Bicyclists can use roads without paying taxes, so why shouldn’t we get an area on the side of the road to walk peacefully on?” said another representative of the movement.

Sioux Falls has made gains lately in side walking areas all around the metro area, including in the downtown areas.

“We made significant pushes in walking areas on the sides of the road. We promise to make more changes so that walking citizens feel more included on the roads. Maybe we could put more flower containers on the side of the street in the downtown area!” said one representative of the city.

It’s unclear on whether the movement also wants a side walking area on the bike trail. More construction would have to be done for that to happen, though.

The Sioux Falls Headliner
Adam K. White