Beloved local legend Mr. Bendo is looking for a partner. Down on his luck, he has turned to the world wide web in search of a mate. Yet, the 53-year-old isn’t lost in all the tricks of the trade when it comes to online dating.

Commonly known as a site where people boost their own profiles, Mr. Bendo is caught using profile pictures from several years in the past. “I haven’t seen him wear that shirt in almost 10 years,” exclaimed local autoshop worker Ted Reifs. “I know people always want to put their best image forward, but it’s pretty dishonest to use such dated photographs.”

“It comes with the territory,” exclaimed Clara Newton, a fellow Match user. “You know what to look out for and you always know this is a possibility when you’re searching profiles. As long as the photo is close to what you really look like, I don’t mind. I’ve met up with some matches who look nothing like their profile picture, and that’s where I start getting concerned. Like, what else is he hiding?”

Other locals are just glad to see Mr. Bendo back out on the social scene. “I think it’s great,” said Tina Smithsonian. “He’s been such a fixture for our community for such a long time. I think he deserves someone.”

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