Recent Big Sioux River shark sightings have been linked to predator dumping by Nebraskans, according to state Roadkill Identification Bureau (RIB) sources.

A concerned Sioux Falls resident spotted a small group of people dumping large, finned objects into the Big Sioux near Spencer Dog Park. When the individuals drove away in a van with a shark-themed Nebraska license plate, the resident followed but was unable to call authorities due to fear of being cited for a texting while driving infraction within the city.

An SD RIB agent noted the van heading south at high speed on I-29 and was able to take a picture of the fleeing vehicle.

Law enforcement vehicles pursued the van south and roadblocks were established at Missouri River crossings into Nebraska. But the van unexpectedly continued past the SD-50 junction south into Iowa, where the extradition agreement with South Dakota has expired and is awaiting a renewal signature from a vacationing state officer.

Over the weekend, the City of Sioux Falls advised kayakers to stay off the Big Sioux due to “snow melt flooding,” but this was later corrected to a warning about “aquatic predators who mistake kayaks for seals or sea lions.”

The type of shark imported from Nebraska has not been identified. The Big Sioux Shark has been considered extinct but there is now concern that the animals simply cross bred with the more familiar Skunk Creek Shark.

The Sioux Falls Headliner
Timothy Fountain