Sioux Falls is bringing home another award!

Downtown has officially been voted “The Best Place To Park Your Big Ass Truck” and citizens couldn’t be more excited about it!

“I’m going down to Phillips Avenue right now and parking my big ass truck with the bed sticking out in celebration of this award!” said one Sioux Falls citizen.

Sioux Falls has been included in the country’s “Top 10 Cities To Park A Big Ass Truck” in past years, but this is the first time it has topped the list.

“Just a great honor for us. It’s not surprising that we have such talented parkers here. I’m very excited to take this honor home before I leave office,” said Mayor Mike Huether.

City officials have also wondered if shrinking down Phillips Ave would put us at the top of the survey.

“With the shrinking of our downtown streets, we could ideally have more truck beds sticking out. It might actually put us at the top of the survey for many more years to come,” said one official.

Sioux Falls also ranks in the “Top 10 Best Places To Rev Your Big Ass Truck Motor”, but has not topped the list yet.

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Photo credit: Sioux Falls Convention and Visitors Bureau