Many Sioux Falls citizens were surprised to hear that the crime in their city has risen considerably over the past decade.

The crime statistics showed that:

Citizens are likely to wave to a stranger only 75% of the time, down from 90%.
Citizens drive 16% slower.
A 22% increase in Iowans.
Casino robbers swearing is up 56%.
Police speed traps up 15%.
Road integrity is down 24%
City government transparency down 1,032%

These are real crimes that citizens are begging Mayoral Candidates to address in the upcoming election on April 10th.

Candidates have all sworn to address these crimes, but have yet to release any kind of plans to do so.

Crime seems to have won the day in Sioux Falls, but with any hope, the citizens of Sioux Falls will elect the right Mayor to address an issue or two.

Preferably the Iowans one. Let’s build a wall, or something.

The Sioux Falls Headliner
Adam K. White