The line between reality and myth becomes blurred when talking about Mr. Bendo.

With his large structure, Mr. Bendo watches over not only Sioux Falls, but a whole chunk of northern plains country.

Often at odds with Paul Bunyan and his blue ox, Mr. Bendo also protects the northern plains from alien attacks, blizzard monsters, and Iowans.

“The Iowan is an invasive species that I’ve protected these lands from for many years. Them and that stupid blue cow,” said Mr. Bendo in a rare interview.

Many remember years back where an Iowan tried to sneak up and crash their car into Mr. Bendo while he was sleeping.

“He tried the old “Iowan crash n slash” on me. I was ready, though,” said Mr. Bendo of the crash.

Nonetheless, Mr. Bendo was ready for the driver and only suffered minor injuries.

Sioux Falls citizens will be celebrating their defender in the coming months, as well.

Sacrifices of Iowan corn and cows will be made before him during the spring solstice.

The Sioux Falls Headliner
Adam K. White