Wildlife in the area recently celebrated ridding downtown of trains blowing their horns at all hours of the night, but now they have found a new enemy in the Icon Lounge.

Icon Lounge has been cited multiple times for cranking it to 11, and wildlife in the area have had enough of their youthful nonsense.

“Ever since I started sleeping by Icon, I can’t hear myself honk!” said one goose we spoke to.

The matter is sure to be a thorn in the side of Mayoral Candidate Goose, as well.

“We need to come together to compromise. I am not going to take the sides of anyone until we can figure out what’s going on and how both sides can be happy,” said an official statement sent out this morning by Goose.

Icon Lounge has stopped booking concerts until the issue is sorted out and many believe it could hurt the downtown scene during night hours.

“We don’t get it. People want a vibrant, growing downtown scene, but only from 8am to 5pm,” said one representative of Icon Lounge.

It looks as though the geese of downtown will now be the loudest distinguishable sounds of downtown for the near future.

We reached out to local deer, but they just stared back at us and didn’t move.

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