Zombie communities in Sioux Falls have been dealt a huge blow by Mayoral candidate David Zokaites.

Most Sioux Falls zombies have crawled back into local cemeteries and those who chose not to go back to the cemeteries have been checked into rehabilitation.

“The song….was so bad…. If I could have killed myself, I would have after hearing it,” said one local zombie who checked into Zombies Anonymous.

The bleak weather didn’t help at all on Thursday, either.

“First the song release, then mother nature takes a huge dump (of snow) on us. Just a terrible day to be a zombie in Sioux Falls,” said another zombie we spoke with.

It is unclear why Zokaites chose to release this song. The Mayoral candidate did not specifically say in his video.

We reached out to Mr. Zokaites for comment and received this back:

“David Z in da house. Now you know.”

Conspiracy members around Sioux Falls believe he is an undercover zombie who wishes to become the last remaining zombie in Sioux Falls. This has not been confirmed by any sources, though.

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Adam K. White