A Sioux Falls Lewis Drug vanished into thin air overnight and has left the city confused as to where it’s gone.

“I came to pick up my daily dosage at the pharmacy, and it was just gone. I’ve looked everywhere for it, and it’s just not anywhere in the area. I can’t believe it just happened overnight,” said one regular at Lewis Drug.

Lewis Drug has a history of changing things around very quickly, but has never had a whole store disappear overnight like the one on 41st and Minnesota did.

“I’ve seriously looked everywhere for my local Lewis, and I can’t find it anywhere. How can a large store like that just disappear? I sat in front and just cried,” said another regular at the 41st and Minnesota Lewis Drug.

Speculation as to where the store might have gone have run rampant on social media:

“I’m pretty sure I saw the Lewis on 41st and Minnesota with a luggage bag at Joe Foss. #lost”

“RIP Lewis on 41st. Debt settled. #gambler”

We reached out to Lewis Drug corporate down the street and they sent back a very short response.

“Really?” read the message from Lewis Drug’s corporate office.

Lewis Drug on 41st and Minnesota

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