As the race for Mayor heats up, one candidate has already surrendered to Goose’s willpower and sheer strength.

Recent polls in the Sioux Falls area have put Goose near the top of the rankings in every category. People are really showing a lot of support for a candidate who has mostly raised money for breadcrumbs.

“Yeah I want Goose because he eats gluten, and I’m tired of all these gluten free people around here.” said one Goose supporter.

Others say it’s the impeccable fashion that Goose radiates.

“Oh my goodness, have you seen his style? That black and gray just go together so well. I’m kind of jealous of his sense of fashion.” said another supporter.

Yesterday, Nick Weiland announced he would not be running for Mayor, but would be running for City Council instead.

“There’s no way I could put up a fight against such a strong candidate. We’re still good friends though.” said former Mayoral candidate Nick Weiland.

With Goose nearly at 100% name recognition, there might be no possible way to stop this wild Goose hunt.

The Sioux Falls Headliner
Adam K. White