A longtime resident goose of Sioux Falls has filed the necessary paperwork to run for Mayor this coming election.

Not a lot of background research has been done on the newcomer, but we can expect the Argus Leader to be digging into the goose’s credentials soon, and we are fully expecting them to do a Facebook Live stream of what they have found.

We reached out for more information on the goose, but only received a generic response from his media relations person.

“Goose is very proud to be running for Mayor of this great city. More information will be released soon.” read the response.

The goose plans to run as an independent, but leans more toward the left in most political views.

An updated list of candidates can be seen below:

Jolene Loetscher, Kenny Anderon Jr., Michael Gunn, Goose, Jim Enteman, Paul TenHaken, Greg Jamison, David Zokaites, Nick Weiland, Jeff (the guy down the street), Paul TwelveHaken, Aaron Hultgren, Michael Heether, and an angry Facebook user who posted something about maybe trying.

Current Mayor Mike Huether cannot run due to term limits, but you can bet your ass he would like to.

The Sioux Falls Headliner
Adam K. White