Sioux Falls city officials revealed earlier this week that they will be setting up ‘Force’ machines along runways at Joe Foss Field to rid the area of geese.

Geese have long been a problem for planes at the airfield, and now city officials believe these machines can make a huge difference.

“Using ‘The Force’ will definitely help us rid our fields of those pesky geese. We’ve got big plans for these machines.” said Mayor Mike Huether.

City officials also revealed that they will make weekly donations of downed geese to nearby food banks during the holidays.

Sioux Falls will also employ 3 hunting dogs to retrieve downed geese on runways.

“We cannot wait to see those dogs in action. How can our airport be any more of a joy? Free food, puppies, and traveling!” said a Sioux Falls Regional Airport official.

Machines will begin using ‘The Force’ starting January 2018.

The Sioux Falls Headliner
Adam K. White