Sioux Falls has yet another award to boast about. This time the award coming to Sioux Falls is “Best City To Text And Drive In”.

With low speed limits, a terribly designed downtown, and Iowa drivers everywhere, the average speed a driver goes in Sioux Falls has dropped to 15.4 miles per hour. At that rate of speed, it is prime for drivers to look at their phone and still be on top of road conditions around them.

Winter driving speed limits are currently being measured, but since the 2017 – 2018 winter has been mild so far, not enough data has been accurately measured.

With the addiction of texting and driving, comes social media checking and driving. These measurements were not measured in this individual awarding, but we can expect Sioux Falls to be claiming that award next year, as well.

“We’re so proud to bring this award to Sioux Falls. It really shows the citizens of Sioux Falls are winners in every aspect, and we expect to bring home more awards like this in the near future.” said Mayor Mike Huether.

We reached out to local drivers, but all drivers we contacted responded that they did not text and drive, but they know people who do.

The Sioux Falls Headliner
Adam K. White