Street art is the newest craze in the Sioux Falls metro area.

Most street art is based around the increasing number of deep potholes that have shown up on main streets lately. Mostly private body art is spray painted around the holes in a sexual manner.

“We’ve seen this increase in penis, butt hole, and vagina art before and we are taking measures to make sure this art shown in the most positive manner.” said a city representative.

“We’re so proud of the emerging art coming out of Sioux Falls and we’re really looking forward to seeing how intricate these penises, butt holes, and vaginas become in the future!” Mayor Mike Huether said of the increased street art.

This street art started by a Sioux Falls teenager was to call attention to the deep potholes around the city. The teens intentions were to have the street art erased and the potholes filled, but his plans have officially backfired and created an increased amount of potholes.

The Sioux Falls Headliner
Adam K. White