The city of Sioux Falls has hired a Sioux City construction company to handle the new intersection of E. 26th St. and Southeastern Ave.

We’re told that the Sioux Falls city council accepted the bid from Sioux City of an estimated $20 million and a completion time of 40 years.

The Sioux City company, “Slo-N-Steady” has been working on the Sioux City section of interstate-29 for over a decade and has approached it’s half way point this year.

“Any one who has driven through Sioux City lately knows how complete and organized the construction has been. We’re very excited for this opportunity.” said Mayor Mike Huether.

“When your only job is construction, and you only have one project, you really want to take your time and make sure the job is done correctly. We’re really excited to expand to the Sioux Falls market. We hear a lot of construction companies take their time and really get projects correct up here.” said a representative from Slo-N-Steady.

Sioux Falls city council will finalize the deal next week.

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Adam K. White