Sioux Falls is set to see another attempt at an Irish Pub in it’s downtown scene. The “Barney Rubble Irish Pub” is set to open next month and is sure to succeed where others have not.

We reached out to the Barney for comment and received this back, “We’re so happy to see something that has never been done before in downtown Sioux Falls. The Barney Rubble Irish Pub is going to do things never before seen in the Sioux Falls metro area, and we’re very happy to see our plans finally come to life.” said a Barney Rubble Irish Pub spokesperson.

The Irish pub will be importing real Irish furniture and serving mass quantities of Guinness. Surely something that has never been done in Sioux Falls.

Along with Guinness and Irish furniture, the Barney will also host St. Patrick’s Day specials, Irish musicians, and Irish folklore open mic nights.

The Barney will also partner with new Sioux Falls addition Lyft to ensure patrons of the pub get home safely and will offer 10% off every Lyft ride.

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