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Walker “Stampede” Blackbridge

While no records give an exact date when Walker “Stampede” Blackbridge was born, some show he was born in or around the year 1841 as he was likely around 20 years old when he fought for the Confederate Army.

During his time in the Confederacy, Blackbridge earned his nickname “Stampede” by tricking Union soldiers into thinking Confederate Officers were hiding out in a nearby field peppered with large cattle.

To Blackbridge’s delight, the Union soldiers fell for his plan. As he hid within the herd, he maximized damage of the Union soldiers by branding, from what sources say, 2 or 3 cattle in order to create a stampede of cattle running full speed toward Union soldiers.

After this plan unfolded brilliantly, his fellow soldiers began calling him “Stampede.”

Not much is known about Blackbridge after this event, but some suggest he went on to fight in many battles, narrowly escaping death countless times.

Some records show Blackbridge snuck into Dakota territory to live with Native Americans he befriended during his time in the Confederate Army.

Sources claim Blackbridge lived until around age 30 to 40, until northern soldiers came for his ass yet again during the General George Custer campaigns in the north against Native Americans.

After his death, local Native Americans renamed him “Bad Luck” Blackbridge.

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