Ever since learning went digital this year, students have been longing for that one random Monday off due to snowy conditions and today was that day…but in a different kind of way.

“I created the virus, so that, uh, me and my friends wouldn’t have to get on the, um, Zoom thingy with all the other students and we could just play, um, Fortnite with each other. I learned about it earlier this year in one of my classes and, uh, it wasn’t hard to do. I just made it so everyone’s screens were that white static screen and made the sound, um really loud. Like crrrrsrrrrrshrrrrcrrrrr,” said the genius elementary school student.

Now, we’ve done some awesome stories, but this one takes the cake.

“It’s a snow day because the static looks like snow. Some kids didn’t get it, but they realized really fast that, um, they had the day off and didn’t have to Zoom. I didn’t hurt the computers or anything, uh, they will be back on tomorrow, um, but me and my friends did really well in Fortnite today!” said the young boy.

The parents of the boy reached out to us with the following statement:

“We know what he did, and couldn’t be any more proud of him. He was looking out for his fellow students, and allowed them a day off in a genius way. Even his teacher commented that it was a great way to create comradery among the class,” read the statement.

The students return to Zoom learning tomorrow.

The Sioux Falls Headliner
Adam K. White