Over the weekend, the Sioux Falls Police Department was tipped off about an illegal Tyrannosaurus rex pet living within city limits.

SFPD and Animal Control wasted no time in writing up a $50 ticket for the couple who owned the T-rex, but are now facing backlash from exotic pet owners from all over the city.

“It’s absolutely preposterous that I cannot own this friendly giant. Spot never goes outside without his leash on and has never hurt anyone,” said the T-rex owner.

Under the current city ordinance, it’s unlawful to own any animals that aren’t native to the United States. That excludes animals such as fish and fowl, but not reptiles, hamsters, turtles, etc.

City Council has thrown around the idea of bringing someone from Australia to see what the difference is between venomous and poisonous is, as well.

“We need to get to the bottom of this debate. We’re bringing in an expert. We can’t depend on the Google for things like this,” said one City official.

Exotic pet communities around the Sioux Falls area hope to see the ban lifted to bring in exotic pets from all over the world.

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Adam K. White