All names synonymous with something lost or hidden for years, or sometimes never found. Citizens from all around the city have long searched for a music scene in Sioux Falls only to have the trail go cold.

Some local bands have stuck around, but many come and go as time passes and we have to wonder, just what is it about the Sioux Falls music scene that continues to hide?

Hope turned up a couple years ago when Sioux Falls citizens had some sightings of Sandiego and Waldo near the city, but came up short on sniffing out the music scene.

With venues continuing to pop up and close down all around town, it’s no surprise that almost no bands have had major traction in the area. A few have stuck out and continue to do well in a minor scene, but with bigger shows coming to the area, how have no local bands landed an opening gig for those large acts?

I guess we will never find that darn music scene.

The Sioux Falls Headliner
Adam K. White