When is snows, it pours, and today was no different. A single snowflake caused a 6-car pileup on I-229 in Sioux Falls.

Highway patrol was called to the scene of a gruesome 6-car pileup today around 2:10pm.

Drivers were not sure if the snowflake was protesting it’s treatment in the clouds above, or if another snowflake offended it, but today in Sioux Falls, drivers were met by that little white flake.

“Why would they pick this road to protest on? I didn’t even vote.” One driver in the accident claims.

The snowflake soon melted after touching the ground, but at that point…it was too late for 6 drivers on the interstate.

If anyone has any information as to what the snowflake wanted, they are asked to contact authorities immediately.

The Sioux Falls Headliner
Adam K. White